life and death

Published April 29, 2010 by ritaroslie

i was starting to find ideas for a blog, when yesterday changed me, for now atleast. after finding out from my dear friend that her sister was murdered, in such a way, i cannot repeat, and she was in shock and grief, and let me ramble on about nonsence while she was holding this from me. when she opened up, my heart fell into my stomache, i began to well up with tears, all well knowing the pain of grief. after bieng widowed 4 times, losing most of my loved ones, from cancer to murder also, i knew too well what she was feeling.

have you ever expierenced a death?? i am sure you have, but we all grieve in a different way.

i need now to hear from you, share how you handeled or didn’t a great loss, i am grieving for my dear cat, her name was mouse, i spent, shared and loved her for 16 and one half years, so even a pet is painful.

speak to me


Hello world!

Published April 26, 2010 by ritaroslie

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